Bullying Facts and Links

Bullying Facts and Links "These kids need to have the validation of knowing that what is being done to them is wrong. Otherwise they will not have the confidence to believe they can make better decisions."


- Bernie Ball at State of Michigan Anti-Bullying Legislation Hearing. January 25, 2011.


Bullying is no longer considered harmless behavior, rites of passage, and "boys being boys/girls being girls." It is not "just joking around."


In recent years it has resulted in volatile incidents in schools and other types of tragedies.

As a former victim of bullying Mr. Ball has compassion and understanding for victims as well as survivors of bullying who have self-esteem issues and other emotional aftereffects resulting from it.





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Adolescence is a confusing and challenging time.


Teens are exposed to all sorts of peer pressures and substances such as drugs and alcohol. In order to help prevent troubled youth from turning to substance abuse, here are links to several resources that teens can use to understand the dangers of addiction as well as help those who are already suffering.




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